The Ritual LP

by PTL

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PTL is:
Layne Anderson: Guitar
Jacob Schillmann: Guitar
Chook: Bass
Jay Gonsalves: Drums
Catfish: Vocals


released February 28, 2017

All music written and recorded by PTL
Additional guitars recorded by Joel Cronk
Your Father The Devil co-written with Mason Hawkins

Produced by Josh McBride at Sunset Studios
Mixed and mastered by Kevin Dyason
Artwork by Layne Anderson



all rights reserved


PTL Port Pirie, Australia

PTL are a 5-piece Theatrical Metal Band from Port Pirie, South Australia

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Track Name: Disfiguration of Humanity
Watching the fall of everything sacred whilst laughing maniacally
Finishing off half-crushed civilians by pounding their faces

Gouging out the eyes of the saviour
Seeking hilarity in the rotting atrophy
The surface is sinking to the depths of disease
Humanity’s final call of judgment

Magma fills the ocean then the water floods the land
Chasms gaping as the human race are falling in

Putrefy - the living

The only sight is that of hopelessness as all life ends
The sordid abyss closes up as mankind is extinct
Track Name: Leviathan
Bermuda Triangle, from the very depths of the sea
Ocean titan - I hear a high-pitched ringing
So I claw my eyes out and blindly stare at the sun
An ocean grave with room for everyone

All the liquids in your body reaching boiling point

Dragged into the ocean
Dragged into your watery grave - dragged into the ocean


As the ocean parts like the Red Sea
I can feel the whole world slipping beneath me

Serpent of the water, please banish mankind
Remove this cecity cyst – flood all of the surfaces
And like an act of god or a lunar malfunction
The oceans rise and flood America
Track Name: Earth Immersion
Submersion of the Earthlings
Gargle the water that is smothering you
Fucking ingest the polluted cesspool -
That you humans carelessly obliterate
Now lay under a thicker, colder sky
Compressed via titan’s effect
Every idle human meat sack -
Disintegrated instantly as...

Its teeth are shut
Earth immersion

Ripped in two like the animal kingdom
When the ‘thinking man’ disbanded from his children

You serpents are worthless -
Slither back into the aborted womb of disease
Suffocate on the rivers, the lakes and the ponds
May your lungs fill up with the blood of your young
Sinking then, in an instant -
An immense pressure starts to constrict you
Feel the full force of nature and time -
As the Leviathan swallows the last sand grain

Say goodbye to oxygen
Track Name: Chthon
The ground walker

As the tectonic plates move out of place
The titan of the land stands up from the Earth
You feel a violent, predial, shifting sensation
Your legs go weak – craters are formed in a footprint pattern


The clock ticks as the shattered hourglass -
Pours its poisonous sands on the corpse of man

Shaking, subterranean vibrations move through you
The six-legged Earth beast – crushing cities
Dream Time rock atop the Chthonian’s head
Flinders Ranges tail – earthquakes in the southern hemisphere
Track Name: Your Father The Devil

Open their mouths
Vomit pours out
Coating the Earth
Slaughtering your children

And they expect you to trust in them -
When they’re poisoning the very water you drink

So I tear their limbs apart
I refuse to hear their lies so I stop the beating of their hearts
They do the same to us all every day
So turn on your fucking brains and stop thinking the same

Why do you trust in these wealthy gentlemen -
To slide their rapist protecting fingers right under your skin?

How can you believe them if you cannot even see them?

I refuse to listen to these men -
Who’re insecure about their dicks and have a god complex
They compensate for this by waging war -
In the name of a ‘god’ or because money is involved

I just have to ask you all, why?

But what will they do when the sands run out?
Humanity is doomed, where’s your god now?
Nothing is infinite and all life ends
So while you are alive now think, ‘Why listen?’
Track Name: Aevum
We watched as the heavens opened up - and the sky fell
Carelessly the clouds created a cataclysmic, chaotic chasm
A demented, picturesque scene known as the apocalypse
The shape-shifting embodiment of time
Disguised as our sky – Aevum

They call me Aevum as I rip apart the stars
They call me Aevum as I tear apart the sky
Track Name: The Ritual
When the great way is forgotten
Goodness and piety appear
When the body’s intelligent declines
Cleverness and knowledge step forth
When there is no peace in the family
Filial piety begins
When the country falls into chaos
Patriotism is born

And there appeared another wonder in Heaven
And behold a great, red dragon
Having seven heads – and ten horns
And seven crowns upon it’s heads

But can we all trust god?

Every soul will taste death
And we test you with evil
And with good as trial
And to us you will be returned


May all these streams of butter
With their banks of honey
Flowing with distilled water
And milk and curds and water
Reach thee in domestic life enhancing thy pleasure
May thou acquire completely these things
Strengthening the soul in diverse ways

Who has gone up to Heaven and come down?
Who has gathered up the wind in the hollow of his hands?
Who has wrapped up the water in his cloak?
Who has established all the ends of the Earth?
What is his name, and the name of his son?
Tell me if you know
Track Name: Macho Slam
Now that Macho Man is here the madness is running wild
Leviathan, Chthon, Aevum – prepare to lose your titles

I better snap into a Slim Jim -
'Cause the kingdom of madness is here once again

The titan’s are now in the danger zone

I am the most macho
I will elbow drop ya, oh yeah
I am Macho Man
I am Randy Savage
I am the most macho
I will elbow drop ya, oh yeah
I am Macho Man
And I will throw a Slim Jim -
And flip the sands of time

Now Macho Mans tripped the titans onto the planet
Now Macho Mans on top of the Universe and elbow drops them

...And flip the sands of time
Oh yeah